Dear Lord,

I pray this personal prayer in the name of                        I am confident that the Holy Spirit leads

 Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.                             and guides me today. I am accepted,  

                                                                                                 redeemed, renewed and a recipient of

"Show me Your ways, O Lord: Teach me,                         Your grace.

for You are the God of my  

salvation,"  (Psalm 25:4, 5)                                             I am a child of Destiny.  I confess that I

                                                                                    am healed and whole.  I am stable,

By the power in you name, I rebuke all:                           durable fruitful, committed and

                                                                                     full of peace and love.

division, discord, disunity, strife, anger, 

wrath, criticism, pride, envy, jealousy,                              Whatsoever I set my hands to do shall

complaining, fear, and hindering spirits.                            prosper because Lord, You are the

                                                                                     supplier of all my needs according to

I bless those who have spoken against                              your riches in glory.

me and pray blessings upon those who

despitefully use me.                                                         Father, I pray for the work you have for

                                                                                      me to do.  Anoint me for all you have

May the power of negative words from                               called me to do for You.  You open the

others be rendered useless.                                              door and I will walk through.  You give

                                                                                      the opportunity for God ordained

I am God's child.  I resist Satan and all                              encounters and I will obey.

his efforts to defeat me Your word

assures me that no weapon formed                                    I pray a hedge of protection around

against me shall prosper.  So, I take                                   myself, spouse, children, and extended

authority over him and all his demons                                 family members.  I ask you Father, to

and those persons who are influenced by                            surround us with your love and grace.

them.  I declare this day that Satan is                                 Protect us from any intrusion or harmful

under my feet.  Satan, you are bound                                 attacks.

from my family, my mind, my body, my

home, and my finances.  I have authority                            "Teach me to do Your will, for You are

over you!                                                                           my God;  Your Spirit is good.  Lead me

                                                                                         in the land of uprightness," (Psalm

Therefore, I put on the whole armor of                                 143:10)

God.  And I take authority over this day,

in your name.  May this day be a                                          "May I, by Your mercies, present my

positive and prosperous day for me.                                      body a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable

May I walk in your love, Lord.                                               to You, which is my reasonable service,"

                                                                                         (Romans 12:1)

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