What is our Objective?

To encourage individuals who are grieving over the loss of a loved one and to help unify families with the struggles in growing teenagers by providing information through Care NotesĀ© and Comfort Guides.

     It was early morning, December 25, 1995, when I got the news that my son was near death.  He had been shot and he was only 25 years old.  Ed (my son) died 5 hours later of the shooting that morning.  Ed was a great help in the church.  I was his pastor at New Walk Church of God in Christ.  He was a very talented musician working in the church.  He was a great help to me, the church, and his family.  I Pastor Washington did his sermon when he had died.  There were two other pastors that were in the pull pit with me at this time, who had children who died six months prior to my son's Death.

That  was when it was put in my spirit that the people need to be comforted.  That was also when I began to see the need for comfort in all walks of life; young, old, rich, and poor, from all races.  They all need a word of encouragement.  That's when I realized there are so many people hurting, suffering, and wounded.  So I began to work.  God gave me wisdom to put the Ministry of Comfort together and I will continue to help where help is needed.

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